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About Showerforce

Showerforce is a New Team Brand and therfore benefits from being part of the Masco Corporation USA, one of the largest building product and home improvement groups worldwide, and the Bristan Group in the UK.


They have over 15 years experience of manufacturing shower products. Showerforce has the knowledge and experience to make products suitable for all your requirements.


Showerforce is not an active brand of Bristan, which is why this website has been designed to assist Showerforce customers to replace their exsisting Showerforce products.


It has long been Showerforce’s philosophy to deliver outstanding bathroom products with integrity and quality, using the latest technology and design techniques.


In our experience they have committed themselves over the years to listen to customer feedback, using this information in their research and development to offer you products that are designed for ease of installation, a long life and provide you with outstanding quality.


At Tapstore.Com we are pleased to associate ourselves with Showerforce, New Team and Bristan. Their commitment to design, quality and customer service, ensures you receive the best solution.


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